Specialist groups and organs of the Council for Curative Education and Social Therapy

Coordination Group

The group prepares for and moderates the annual closed conferences of the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council.

Social Therapy Group

The work of this group concentrates on all issues connected with the life of and care given to adults with disabilities. For its Summer Meeting, the group visits social therapy centres where they discuss professional issues and offer advice to the colleagues who work there. The Winter Meeting is devoted to deepening specific themes in social therapy. Above all it also serves to prepare for the specialist social therapy conferences which are normally held every second year.

International Trainig Group and Training Council

The Training Group links c. 60 curative education and social therapy training centres, coordinating their collaboration. It also runs research projects to develop training further, the last one being the production of a manual for training in curative education and social therapy (see under Training).

Physicians in curative education and social therapy

The group works with issues concerning the medical treatment of children, young people and adults in need of special care. The heart of the work lies in drugs research, discussions on therapeutic measures and further development of the anthroposophical concept of the human being. The group organizes annual further training events for physicians and therapists.

European Cooperation in Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy (ECCE)

The realization that changing conditions in the process of Europe's unification call for watchfulness and commitment led to the establishment of ECCE as an umbrella organization of associations representing parents and curative education and social therapy centres. ECCE is one of the founders of the European Disability Forum (EDF). ECCE cooperates with other bodies, e.g. Inclusion Europe and Inclusion International, the two international umbrella organizations for specialist and parents associations for people with special needs. In recent years ECCE has above all also taken an active role in collaboration among anthroposophical parents associations in the different European countries, intensively promoting close cooperation and also the establishment of new parents associations. Information: www.ecce.eu

International Publications Group

The functions of this group are to stimulate and publish international publications, and to encourage translation into the main languages of the Council. A bibliography for works on anthroposophical curative education and social therapy is now available for German titles, and it is proposed to extend this to include all languages in which relevant literature is available (see under Literature).


The Journal Seelenpflege in Heilpädagogik und Sozialtherapie and its English equivalent Journal for Curative Education and Social Therapy, both quarterly, are journals by and for coworkers. The subject are practical and theoretical issues concerning curative education and social therapy, social issues, and reports on activities in the movement (see under Journal).

Science Group

This group monitors anthroposophical research relating to curative education, comparing it to academic research and establishing common and differing elements. The aim is to make the 'anthroposophical curative education' paradigm comprehensible beyond its own horizons. It also provides a basis for sharing scientific findings from the investigations made by its members.

Curative Education and Social Therapy Fund / Finance Group

Financial support for the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council comes largely from the movement. This makes it possible to maintain a separate Secretariat in Dornach. The financial situation of the Council is monitored by a Finance Group which takes responsibility for the budget and the annual balance sheet.

Ad hoc groups

Ways of working for limited periods are sought with regard to specific issues.


An important sphere of the Council's work are the conferences for coworkers, primarily the big international curative education and social therapy conferences held every second year at the Goetheanum. These always have a general theme and offer a wide range of further training events for the people who work in our centres. At the same time they are also festive occasions.

In addition there are special-subject conferences, e.g. the series on 'To heal and educate. Anthroposophical curative education and special education in dialogue', and the social therapy conferences.

Congresses for people with disabilities and Conferences for parents are also among the Council's responsibilities.


For further information, or to contact members of the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council, please contact the Secretariat of the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council at khs(at)khsdornach.org The postal address and communication data are given on the Contact page.