International Training Network

Cooperative Network of Training Centres for Anthroposophical Curative Education and Social Therapy

The Training Group within the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council is the heart of the International Training Network. It brings together representatives of all training centres for an annual international conference.

What all trainings have in common

The trinal approach to training, combining theory, practice and artistic activity in accordance with the Curative Education and Social Therapy Training Handbook

  • to continue to develop the foundations and methods of anthroposophical
    curative education and social therapy and their training programmes
  • to ensure comparability and recognition of training courses
  • to further the training quality
  • to represent the professional image of anthroposophical curative teachers and social therapists within the scientific community
  • to establish, maintain and update suitable international network structures
  • The International Training Group
  • The International Training Council as an organ of coordination and initiative
  • The Recognition Group
  • Spontaneous work groups

Cooperation within the network is based on the guidelines and organization documents of the International Training Group.