Office of the Curative Education and Social Therapy Council

Ruchti-Weg 9
CH-4143 Dornach Tel. +41 61 701 84 85
Email: khs(AT)

Pascale Hoffmann
Administration and Bookkeeping
Email: p.hoffmann(AT)

Gabriele Scholtes
Journal Seelenpflege, Library and Archive
Email: g.scholtes(AT)

Dr. Jan Göschel
Managing Director and Member of the Leadership Team
Regional Focus: North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Switzerland
Thematic Focus: Publications, Research, Professional Education
Email: j.goeschel(AT)

Bart Vanmechelen
Member of the Leadership Team
Regional Focus:Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe
Thematic Focus: School of Spiritual Science, European Cooperation
Email: b.vanmechelen(AT)

Sonja Zausch
Member of the Leadership Team
Regional Focus: Germany, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Asia
Thematic Focus: Conference Organization, Social Therapy, Young Professionals
Email: s.zausch(AT)